What makes a good nonprofit Website?

non-profits mckinley media groupWhen asked what makes a good nonprofit Website, Internet users and nonprofit displayed agreement on several features, such as “Ease of use”, “Significant content about the cause,” and Information about how to get further involved.” However, while nonprofits place heavy value on the importance of aesthetics, users de-emphasized visual attractiveness and a catchy domain name in favor of quality content and information.

Patrick Ferraro, marketing coordinator at Guidestar, summarizes what Internet users expect to find when they visit a nonprofit’s Website: “An effective Website needs to be more than just an on-line brochure with contact information, a mission statement, and some bullet points. Visitors go on-line looking for more than just reading material-the want opportunities to act.”

Website Features and Functions Customers Value Most

Percent of Responses by Features and Functions

52.2 %Accurate information
39.5 %Easy navigation
35.2 %Robust search capabilities

Tier Two

27.3 %Details on report content
26.5 %Pricing information
26.1 %Access to content already purchased

Tier Three

20.2 %Free content
19.0 %Purchase reports online
17.4 %Who to call for information
16.6 %Access to blogs & other content
10.7 %Ask the Analyst
0.8 %Other

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He continues, “Information is the crux of an Website. As a means of disseminating information, the Internet has demonstrated dramatic improvements over traditional methods. Potential supporters, volunteers, advocates, and donors want information-they want to know what nonprofits are doing, and they want to know how to get involved.”

Source: Patrick Ferraro.
“ Does Your Website Give People What They Want?” Guidestar Newsletter, April 2003

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