Website Design tips for Healthcare Providers

The telephone calls to our office have become almost daily now. Senior care providers have been enlightened to the fact that their existing websites either need to be “enhanced” to meet the engagement requirements of today’s internet savvy users, or senior care providers, like home health care or private duty providers for example, that are just getting their services started need a website. So where do you start to plan in order to create a successful website design that will drive leads to engage with you?

Website Planning Tips

The key to any successful project is to start with a well thought out plan.

Define goals. Is your goal to generate leads? Provide resources? Find staff?

Identify your target market. Determine your ideal customers. What are their needs and how can you use your website to cater to them?

Evaluate your competition. Shop your top 3-4 competitors online. What do you like? Dislike? Also evaluate sites outside of your industry and look for creative ideas that can set you apart.

1. Consider the size of your website. If you have an existing site, evaluate the navigation chart. What works? What doesn’t? How many pages should your website have?

2. What functionality do you want it to have? Do you want forms of online payment for private pay services or products? Do you want to be able to update it on your own? Do you want videos? Do you want to upload documents?

3.How will you drive traffic to your website? What traditional marketing strategies will you use to drive traffic to your website? What inbound or outbound links will you create? How will you incorporate social media for greater SEO? What keywords and meta tags will you use? Will you use auto-responders?

4.How will copy and content be developed for your site? One of the key strategies today for optimal SEO is copy. Will you be providing the copy? Will you provide permission for editing for optimization?

5. What “call to actions” will you use? Engagement means strategically positioning your site to “pull” leads in to connect with you through strong call to actions. What value will you provide?

6. Consider what graphics and images you will use. Will you provide them? Will the vendor take them for you or purchase them? Be wary of stock photo. Your website could turn out to look like someone else’s.

7. Have you budgeted appropriately? Like anything else you get what you pay for. Designers are a dime a dozen. There is merit in selecting a vendor that understands the senior care industry and your customer.

Your website should be an extension of a personal visit to your office/campus or telephone/face to face conversation with you. Be sure to spend the time and due diligence in developing a website that will grow as your business does!

Not sure where to start with your web site project? We  partner with clients just like you to design and enhance websites that reflect the culture and personality of your service.

What other website planning tips have you found helpful?


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