Turn your Website into a lead generation machine

Its not about clicks, visitors or pageviews, we focus on growing your business by increasing sales. There a lot of nice looking Websites in online but how many of those Websites generate leads? We make sure your Website is designed to sell, easy to use & has a strong call to action.

Turn your Website into a lead generation machine

1)    Content location is vital. Make sure your website content is structured so that it’s easy to find. Keep key information you want your visitors to see near the top fold of your site, so that it’s visible and requires no scrolling to access. First time visitors to your site may not know to scroll down your homepage to find that critical piece of information about your company.

2)    Have conversion forms or “lead forms” on your home page along with other highly visited pages on your site. The conversion forms don’t have to be necessarily on the page itself. I rather prefer the use of a graphical offer that links off your home page to a landing page with a strong call-to-action. Entice your new visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for something they would find valuable. Make sure the lead form is short and to the point, only capturing relevant information you need. Longer forms may get abandoned before completion.

4)    Be sure to test your landing pages frequently to make sure they load and deliver lead information to the appropriate staff members. Leads lost in transit cost you money and may give your prospects the impression of poor service if no one replies.

5)    Allow multiple ways for your visitors to become a “lead” on your website. Ex. online form, phone number, email, etc.

6)    Make sure your content and website are built with your target customer(s) in mind. Ex. 8pt font for a website geared to reach seniors…bad idea. Your product or service should sell itself on your website based on research you’ve done to identify and communicate to your target prospects.

7)    Is your website mobile friendly? More and more prospects are accessing information via mobile devices. If your site is not mobile friendly, you could be missing out on an opportunity to connect at just the right time.

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Sterling Mckinley

Sterling Mckinley is a sought after Online Marketing Specialist, Columnist, Speaker.
Sterling helps businesses & organizations better understand & use the Internet to increase sales.

He focuses on online marketing strategies including pay per click, search engine optimization, social media, website design and mobile marketing.

Sterling has also conducted marketing workshops for the SBA, Washington DC Chapter of SCORE, NAB Education Foundation, The Maryland Small Business Development Center, various corporations & universities. He also blogs for several websites and is a contributor for the Baltimore Business Journal.

Follow him on Goggle Plus : https://plus.google.com/+SterlingMcKinley


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