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Lawyers: Turn Website visitors into cases

Over 700,000 people Google lawyers each month, are they finding you?

When you’re not in court or meeting with a client you’re reviewing facts and elbow deep in a case. This means that you have very little time for anything else. However, if you’re serious about growing your client list, you need to invest in online marketing to grow your practice.

Make sure local clients can find your firm

Most legal searches are local searches and it is important that your site is optimized for Google. Criminal lawyers and Personal Injury would be a great fit for mobile because of the urgency of an accident, or sudden criminal implication. We will optimize your Google Local and Google Maps listings so customers can find you easier.

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Google Local and Google Maps listing

You Could Be Losing Cases

Each month, hundreds of thousands of potential clients search online for legal services. That’s why itʼs imperative to have an online marketing strategy. We invest your dollars efficiently to ensure Internet prospects find your website and contact you.

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