Make it easy for citizens to find you

Being in the top 10 listings on Google and Bing is more important than ever as search engine companies implement ways to make searches faster. We craft and execute search engine optimization strategies that improve your rankings in the search engines. Using both on/off page optimization we make sure your website has the correct keyword and incoming links.

Ways we improve your rankings:

  • Write unique content
  • Update your Website frequency
  • Write Blog posts
  • Write unique Titles and Descriptions

Google uses dozens of factors to determine rankings and there system is always changing. No one factor is more important than another but they all play a part in the equation.

Here are some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors that Google uses:

  1. Age of Domain
  2. Domain Hosting
  3. URL Structure
  4. Content
  5. Internal Link Structure
  6. Trust:
  7. Keywords
  8. Bounce Rate
  9. Outbound links
  10. Inbound Links