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Pay per lead

Only Pay For The Leads You Get

Its pretty simple once we setup your Mobile Marketing campaign, we then promote your campaign.
When a customer calls, emails or makes a purchase, you pay us a commission fee for each lead.

Its a win-win situation instead of paying a monthly fee, you only pay for the leads you get.

Let’s say your average sale is $30,000, our lead fee is 3% per phone call & 2% per email. You close 9/10 customers that is $270,000 in sales, you then pay us $8,100 for the 10 leads.

It’s a win- win situation

Steps we take

  • We work with you to determine what kind of leads you want us to generate
  • You tell us how many leads and calls you want to get each month
  • We setup and manage your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns

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How Much Does it Cost?

Before we begin your campaign, we will agree on a set price-per-lead and budget. We take care of all advertising costs, while you only pay for results.

To get started using, Call 410-630-1287