In her own words. Courtney Brody, Account Supervisor, Siquis LTD

Over the last several years I have had the pleasure of working with Mckinley Media Group on multiple marketing projects. During that time, Mckinley Media Group was a party in an MBE partnership with Siquis LTD and has played a major role in creating and managing the Adwords and BING search campaigns for the Maryland Department of Commerce and the Maryland Department of Tourism.

Throughout the contract, McKinley Media Group remained easily accessible. They swiftly answered any and all questions via email, telephone or otherwise. Sterling in particular was responsive and proactive in improving search campaigns. Based on my experience, Mckinley Media is very flexible and easy to work with.

What We Did

Mckinley Media efficiently drove SEM campaigns, organized multiple requests, and providing strategic support. This company was able to turn projects around in a timely manner while staying on budget.

During the time that Mckinley Media Group was managing our PPC accounts beginning in September 2014, we have seen an improvement in our return on investment. Sterling provided daily management of the campaigns by adjusting bids, monitoring CPC and discovering alternate ways to improve ROI.

Each month Mckinley Media succeeded in compiling a comprehensive report to track cost per click, clicks, keywords, impressions and click through rates for both Adwords and Bing. The report prepared also tracked year over year KIP’s for key metrics and included tips for improving the campaign.

Ongoing Partnership

I have worked with other subcontractors on marketing projects and I can say with confidence that Siquis had a different relationship with Mckinley MediaGroup. Specifically, because they were accessible and knowledgeable, the end resulted was a very happy and effective business relationship. I would absolutely recommend Mckinley Media Group.

Courtney Brody
Account Supervisor

Siquis LTD