Mac OSX Lion is Finally Released

Within the last few weeks, the anticipation of Apple releasing the newest of their popular desktop operating systems is finally upon us. With over 250 new features and a price tag of just $30, you really can’t go wrong.

Price & Availability

For starters, the new Lion operating system is only available for download from the Mac App Store for a price of $30, which was first introduced in a free update for their previous operating system, Snow Leopard. One downside to this is that consumers who skipped over buying Snow Leopard will have to buy it now, then purchase the new Lion operating system from the App Store. However, we can understand why Apple would want to feature their operating system exclusively from the App Store.

Main Features

Launch Pad

The first major update to Apple desktop operating system is Launch Pad. With a simple three finger and thumb pinch on your trackpad, Lion shows you all your apps in a row like their popular iOS operating system. You can even hold an app, wait for all them to jiggle, and rearrange them as you would like. You can even create folders just like on your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch.

Mission Control

One of the most unique new features is Mission Control. With a three finger upward swipe on the trackpad, Lion shows you all of your open applications organized into groups. For instance, if you have two Firefox windows, Mail open, and iTunes, Mission Control will separate this content into three seperate areas for you to easily choose from and allow that app to appear in front of others.


Mail has been completely revamped. With the new two column layout, all of your email subjects appear on the left which can be scrolled through, and when you click on a subject, that email appears on the right hand side. This is comparable to how the iPad incorporates mail. There have also been updates to sorting through mail to make it easier to find that lost email.

Full Screen Apps

Another long hoped for feature was full screen apps, and now it is finally here. Apps like Mail and Safari can be viewed in full screen with just a click of a button, and more apps are on the way.

Resume & Versions

Now, when you shutdown and reboot your Mac, you have the option to resume right where you left off. If you had any open applications before you shutdown, they will be right where you left them when you log back in.

Another important feature is versions. Forget saving your documents or presentations, Lion automatically takes a “snapshot” of your documents every minute or so, allowing you to view and even restore previous versions of any document or presentation you happen to be working on.


Those were just some of the new features in Mac OSX Lion, and with a price tag of only $30, there’s no reason not to upgrade. Apple has definitely improved their operating system in every way possible.

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