Is Video & Viral Marketing replacing TV?

tyoutube vs tvWill Video & Viral Marketing replace TV? When you think about the amount of time people spend on their computers and smartphone, there is less time to watch TV.’

TV will always have a place in our lives, there is nothing like sitting down to watch a great movie or game. The way people consume media is changing very fast and becoming more and more mobile. Video & Viral Marketing are playing a big part in that shift, sites like Youtube and Hulu are replacing TV.

Video & Viral Marketing also can be used by businesses to reach consumers as well. Website commercials are very popular and their are normally condensed versions of standard TV commercials.

TV advertising is priced similarly to Video & Viral Marketing ($10-$50 per 1,000 viewers), yet TV has very little in common with Video & Viral Marketing. TV audiences are captive – they can not choose which video advertisements they watch. Online video viewers have elected to watch your content – it’s not being forced upon them. To put it another way, your typical online video viewer is paying attention because they’ve requested to see your ad (by clicking on it). That’s a huge advantage over television advertising.

The great thing about the Internet is that it’s a pull media vs a push media. TV is a push media viewers have very little choice in what they view, they can change the channel but the content is still pre programmed. On the other hand Video & Viral Marketing is a pull media, users choose to view content and can create a personalize experience.

So is simple terms if a views choose to watch your video it means they are truly interested  in your product/service and more likely to make a purchase.

Video & Viral Marketing is sometimes referred to as online video marketing, video marketing, web commercials, & viral video.

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