Internet Marketing Vs. TV, Print & Radio

Internet Marketing gives businesses of any size access to millions of potential customers at an affordable price and, unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing. Specific benefits of Internet Marketing include:

On Demand Marketing

TV and other media, don’t give people a option not to see or see an advertisement. On the other hand Internet Marketing provides On-Demand Information. People make a decision online to visit your Website because they are interested in your company or service.

Low cost

Low cost and high return on investment, hundred times cheaper than conventional marketing tools like TV or newspaper advertisement. Just compare the cost of printing a full newspaper Ad for one Day vs. the cost of e-mailing to 25,000 e-mail addresses. Internet is clearly the winner.

The Numbers Don’t Lie, Internet Marketing Is King

Durable & Cost Effective
An advertisement in a newspaper is worthless the day after the paper is printed. On the other hand, apart from details such as dates and prices, much of your website content will still be valid and viewable for years and the costs are much more reasonable than print.

Measurable Results
The biggest advantage of Internet Marketing is the measurability. You can obtain detailed information about customers’ responses to your advertising unlike other forms of Marketing.

Always available
Either your business is 24 hours open or not; your Web shop sells round the clock all seasons. Even if no staff is in your office, visitors will come to your website. Your website NEVER closes. Bring more visitors to your company. Convert those visitors into more customers. Generate more revenue.

As you can see Internet Marketing  is the best choice for promoting your business!

Sterling Mckinley

Sterling Mckinley is a sought after Online Marketing Specialist, Columnist, Speaker.
Sterling helps businesses & organizations better understand & use the Internet to increase sales.

He focuses on online marketing strategies including pay per click, search engine optimization, social media, website design and mobile marketing.

Sterling has also conducted marketing workshops for the SBA, Washington DC Chapter of SCORE, NAB Education Foundation, The Maryland Small Business Development Center, various corporations & universities. He also blogs for several websites and is a contributor for the Baltimore Business Journal.

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