Elements of Good Website Design

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It is easy to make a bad website, but it’s just as easy to make a clean, professional-looking Website by following the guidelines below.

  • Background does not interrupt the text
  • Text is big enough to read, but not too big
  • The hierarchy of information is perfectly clear
  • Columns of text are narrower than those in a book to make reading on the easier.

  • Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use
  • Navigation is consistent throughout website
  • A large site has an index or site map

  • Link colors coordinate with page colors
  • Links are underlined so they are instantly clear to the visitor

  • Buttons are not excessively big
  • Every graphic has an alt label
  • Every graphic link has a matching text link
  • Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors
  • Animated graphics turn off by themselves

General Design

  • Pages load quickly
  • First page and home page fit into 800 x 600 pixel space
  • All of the other pages have immediate visual impact within 800 x 600 pixels
  • Good use of elements (photos and subheads) to break up large areas of text
  • Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site; there is consistency throughout pages

Sterling Mckinley

Sterling Mckinley is a sought after Online Marketing Specialist, Columnist, Speaker.
Sterling helps businesses & organizations better understand & use the Internet to increase sales.

He focuses on online marketing strategies including pay per click, search engine optimization, social media, website design and mobile marketing.

Sterling has also conducted marketing workshops for the SBA, Washington DC Chapter of SCORE, NAB Education Foundation, The Maryland Small Business Development Center, various corporations & universities. He also blogs for several websites and is a contributor for the Baltimore Business Journal.

Follow him on Goggle Plus : https://plus.google.com/+SterlingMcKinley


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  1. Thanks, just some simple tips to help people design better site. Are you in Online marketing?

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