Don’t believe the Intuit Website builder hype

There are upsides and downsides to Intuit websites and other DYI Site Builder.

If you have a small business that wants a very bare bones website than Intuit may be a good option for you. Rememer that you get what you pay for. Your Intuit website will have a top banner, an area for content, and a menu with your internal links. They aren’t the prettiest, but for $4.99/month what do you expect?

Intuit Website, just don’t look good

The downsides to Intuit websites are that they are not impressive, lack uniqueness and customizability, and are simply boring. You cannot put a blog on your site, polls, social media links, etc. They limit interactivity. One of the reasons why they keep showing a bakery in their commercials is because a bakery does not need an impressive website; it simply needs a website that displays its location and basic information. If you own a gourmet bakery that needs a more eye appealing website, don’t waste your time with Intuit.

My recommendation would be that if you need a website immediately, it may be a good choice. Take a look at your competitors Website, they are investing heavily in Online Marketing and have professional looking Websites.

Intuit websites and other DYI Site Builder don’t rank high in Google

Also, Intuit will show you on their site that Google and other search engines will find and list your site in search results. This is somewhat true. It is easy to get your site listed when a search is performed for your business name. What is more difficult is getting your site listed for related search terms such as ‘bakery in Baltimore’. Intuit makes it sound like a site purchased from them will show up easily for related search terms. This is NOT TRUE. Intuit websites have to be search engine optimized just like every other website and according to the same rules.

In my opinion its not worth in, the time and energy you will put into setting up your Website will be tremendous. To setup a basic Website even for a professional designer takes 25-40 hours and to market that website will take months of work. Save yourself the frustration and hire a professional Website Designer, you have a business to run !
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