Changing the Web: CSS3 & HTML5


First of all, what is CSS3? CSS (cascading style sheets) changes the look and appearance of your site including colors and format. Without CSS, any site would look very unattractive. Recently, CSS3, the third generation of CSS standards was released to the public. It includes many updates for a better user experience. Improvements such as speech, text effects, column layouts, and easier background image implementation allow designers to create more freely and user friendly.


Additionally, HTML5 is also another additional standard to the HTML standards. HTML is hyper text markup language, which is the programming code that creates websites for users to view in a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. HTML adds much needed features, such as new syntactical features for audio and video. Previously, it was very difficult to incorporate audio and video for a website, and have it appear correctly within every browser. Now with these new standards, it is much easier to create uniformity inside of all browsers.

In The Future

If website and browser designers follow these new standards, the user experience will only improve overtime. Uniformity is a key factor for the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), which suggest standards for the CSS3 and HTML5 web technologies.

Ideally, websites should look the same within every browser, and we are just one step closer with these new web standards.

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