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Baltimore, Md Search Engine Optimization Services

Looking for an SEO firm in Baltimore?  McKinley Media Group works with companies in Baltimore, MD helping them gain customers online using Search Engine Optimization. McKinley Media Group has been helping companies in Baltimore,Md improve their online marketing for over seven years. We are a local company that understands how Baltimore searches and what keywords people are using when they search Google. We provide the following services to companies in Baltimore; Vertical Online …Read More

What makes a good nonprofit Website?

When asked what makes a good nonprofit Website, Internet users and nonprofit displayed agreement on several features, such as “Ease of use”, “Significant content about the cause,” and Information about how to get further involved.” However, while nonprofits place heavy value on the importance of aesthetics, users de-emphasized visual attractiveness and a catchy domain name in favor of quality content and information. Patrick Ferraro, marketing coordinator at Guidestar, summarizes what …Read More