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Business Development

Keep it simple

Now think about this in the context of buying a smartphone: As of today, Samsung has an absurd 134 cellphone choices on its website. How likely is a novice going to choose one of these, or just give up and keep the cellphone he’s using now, or make a snap decision based on getting out of the store as quickly as possible? Maybe Apple is onto something with its single smartphone brand name: iPhone. …Read More

Turn your Website into a lead generation machine

Its not about clicks, visitors or pageviews, we focus on growing your business by increasing sales. There a lot of nice looking Websites in online but how many of those Websites generate leads? We make sure your Website is designed to sell, easy to use & has a strong call to action. Turn your Website into a lead generation machine 1)    Content location is vital. Make sure your website content is structured so that …Read More

Is Groupon Deal of the Day good for a business?

Groupon is a great service but is it good for your business? A cake maker has said it almost went bust after thousands more vouchers it offered on a group-buying website were redeemed than it expected. My tips: 1. Make sure your company makes a profit. 2. Encourage repeat sales and up sales. 3. Don’t lower your position in the marketplace 4. Don’t condition customers to only buy during sales. …Read More

Law firm marketing

Law firms that want to grow and expand must have a legal marketing strategy in place. Having a marketing strategy and paying for advertising are really two different things. In some markets, you may need both, but you must strike a balance. What is legal advertising? Legal advertising is much like throwing a net out in hopes that clients will swim into it and be reeled into your office. Advertising …Read More