Mckinley Media has a deep understanding of local, state and federal agencies agencies’ needs forged from experience working with a variety of government clients. 

We understand that one of the most significant functions of any government agency is to communicate relevant information to the citizens it serves. Unfortunately, many government agencies have limited citizen interaction due to outdated technology and ineffective methods used to reach the community.

We adhere to ADA section 508 standards, the websites we design will conform to the ADA section 508 standards to achieve consistent results across all browser platforms, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari as well as mobile browsers. We will adhere to ADA section 508 standards and test the website on each browser to ensure maximum usability.

Website Development

Mckinley Media provides Web Development & Programming solutions that solve our customers’ specific mission challenges by making data reliable, available and discoverable.



Google’s only attracted to your site if it’s filled with great structure, programming, content and links. We know how to whip your site into tip-top shape so that the search engines find it downright irresistible.

Social Media

The most widely used and effective social media outlets, also known as the Big 3, are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. At MMG we can help you get acquainted with the Big 3 so you can optimize your online presence.


Video can be used to educate citizens or to introduce new product or service. McKinley Media creates short, entertaining and informative videos for your agencies that spark interest than text or images.


Communicating with your citizens is key to your agencies mission. Email marketing is the best way to keep your citizens up-to-date and aware of all the services your agency offers.


Its no longer enough just to have a website for your agency; now it must be mobile friendly to attract the millions of mobile phone users.