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Change Your Passwords Today: To avoid getting hacked

Start the New Year with these tips and take action to Change Your Password. Make your passwords at least 14 characters…really! Make your passwords a mix of letters, numbers and special characters. Make your passwords unique to each account – don’t use the same password over and over. Manage your passwords in a secure way – sticky notes under your keyboard will not suffice.

Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks

1. Secure your Fire. Before you do anything, consider securing your device with a password. This way, if it’s ever lost or stolen, your personal data will be safe. To set a password go to Settings > More > Security, and turn “Lock screen password” on. 2. Organize the home screen. Because the home screen carousel is so messy and doesn’t have customization options (we’re hoping for some in the next update), …Read More

What we do

McKinley Media Group an internet marketing company in Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC that specializes in Conversion-driven web design services. We achieve high search engine rankings for our clients, and help increase traffic to Websites & increase sales.

Is Groupon Deal of the Day good for a business?

Groupon is a great service but is it good for your business? A cake maker has said it almost went bust after thousands more vouchers it offered on a group-buying website were redeemed than it expected. My tips: 1. Make sure your company makes a profit. 2. Encourage repeat sales and up sales. 3. Don’t lower your position in the marketplace 4. Don’t condition customers to only buy during sales. …Read More