5 Gmail Tips & Tricks

1. Select Multiple Messages

Select one message, then hold down the shift key. Then select the last message you want to highlight. All messages inside of the two selected messages should now also be highlighted as well.

2. Bypass the blank message prompt

Have you ever tried to send an email with just a subject and no body? Gmail alerts you of this every time and it can be annoying. To bypass this, simple type “EOM” at the end of the subject to let Gmail know that it has reached the end of the message.

3. Use address aliases

Since Gmail doesn’t have email aliases, you can simple add a “+” to the end of a username to create one. This would allow messages sent from, for example, username+alias@gmail.com as username@gmail.com. This is useful for filters and finding out who is spamming you.

4. Dots or no dots, it’s your username

Since Gmail doesn’t recognize dots inside of a username, user.name@gmail.com, u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com, and username@gmail.com are all your email addresses.

5. Send & Archive at once

Do you send messages and then immediately archive them? Well save yourself a step and click on the Labs section of your mail settings and enable the “Send and Archive” button.

All pictures: (Credit: Screenshots by Ed Rhee)

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