5 Free Website Promotion Tactics

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If you’re going to create a Website for your business, you must consider how you will use Website promotion to attract visitors. Many people find that their budget does not allow them to try paid Website promotion methods such as pay per click marketing. If this is true for you, don’t panic. There are free Website promotion tactics that can accomplish the same goals as their paid counterparts. These tactics will, however, require time and effort — but isn’t that a small price to pay for all the bang of Website promotion without the buck?

Create a blog

When you create a blog within your Web site or on a Website of its own, you gain a new way to communicate with visitors and a new way to appeal to search engines. Become part of this interactive community and your linking opportunities multiply. Fill your blog with keyword saturated content and update it often and watch this Web site promotion tactic boost your search engine rankings.

Write an article

Even if you’re not a professional writer, you are likely an expert on a topic that appeals to your Website’s niche audience. Write a timely, relevant article and submit it to a free online article directory. When your article gets “picked up” by other Websites, you’ll gain valuable inbound links that encourage Website promotion. These directories also tend to archive articles, which means that just one article could continue to boost your Website long after the original submission.

Try social media

Most likely, you can think of many times you have passed on an interesting article to a friend, or vice versa. This is the simple yet highly effective way that social networking becomes “viral” and spreads an article (or video or audio file) with unprecedented speed. Once on the fringe of Web site promotion, social networking is quickly becoming a mainstream tactic thanks to an abundance of Web sites like Digg and Reddit.

Use email marketing for Website promotion

It’s an old concept that’s been given new life by the evolution of email. Offer a free report, white paper or other download on your Web site and ask for your visitors’ email addresses in exchange. It’s a fast, free way to build an email marketing email marketing list that you can then use for Web site promotion. Send newsletters and other informational emails that include a link to your Web site – so you can keep those visitors coming back for more.

Choose targeted keywords

Keywords are the cornerstone of search engine optimization, which makes them quite important for Web site promotion. Choose the right ones and you’ll draw a targeted audience to your Website. Choose the wrong ones and you’ll see visitors “bouncing” from your Web site. Be sure to make your keywords as targeted as possible and use them throughout your content.

When your Website is ready for visitors, these free tactics can help you bring traffic to your Web site without breaking your budget.

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