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August 2011

Law firm marketing

Law firms that want to grow and expand must have a legal marketing strategy in place. Having a marketing strategy and paying for advertising are really two different things. In some markets, you may need both, but you must strike a balance. What is legal advertising? Legal advertising is much like throwing a net out in hopes that clients will swim into it and be reeled into your office. Advertising …Read More

Changing the Web: CSS3 & HTML5

CSS3 First of all, what is CSS3? CSS (cascading style sheets) changes the look and appearance of your site including colors and format. Without CSS, any site would look very unattractive. Recently, CSS3, the third generation of CSS standards was released to the public. It includes many updates for a better user experience. Improvements such as speech, text effects, column layouts, and easier background image implementation allow designers to create …Read More

Mac OSX Lion is Finally Released

Within the last few weeks, the anticipation of Apple releasing the newest of their popular desktop operating systems is finally upon us. With over 250 new features and a price tag of just $30, you really can’t go wrong. Price & Availability For starters, the new Lion operating system is only available for download from the Mac App Store for a price of $30, which was first introduced in a …Read More