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June 2011

Rent Textbooks Electronically from Amazon

With college textbooks increasing in price year after year, Amazon recently decided to start renting textbooks electronically to college students through the Amazon Kindle, saving them over 80%. Also, eBooks are becoming more popular among consumers, as Amazon announced that eBooks surpassed hardcovers in overall sales last May. Students will have the choice of renting their textbooks for as little as a month or as much as a year. Amazon …Read More

5 Gmail Tips & Tricks

1. Select Multiple Messages Select one message, then hold down the shift key. Then select the last message you want to highlight. All messages inside of the two selected messages should now also be highlighted as well. 2. Bypass the blank message prompt Have you ever tried to send an email with just a subject and no body? Gmail alerts you of this every time and it can be annoying. …Read More