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August 2010

Don’t be the next Blockbuster- embrace new technology

For years now, Blockbuster has been dwindling in importance. The store was once the face of movie renting, and now it’s the face of what used-to-be. Ever since Netflix stormed onto the scene with a more convenient method of renting DVDs, Blockbuster has been declining. Blockbuster did not focus on customers needs and failed to grow with technology. This happens to many companies that ignore new technology and believe that they are too big to fail. Don’t let this …Read More

Website Pricing Advice

A quality Website is user friendly, has great functionality and is search engine friendly. There are a wide range of service providers, more experienced and “in-demand” providers may charge premium prices, while beginners may work very cheap but lack experience. Different skill sets demand different pay scales. If you choose the lowest price possible you will probably not get a quality Website. A basic guide for about 10 hours of …Read More

10 ways to get traffic besides SEO

So how else you can promote your business beside SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and relying on Google? Twitter -A  social tool that most big businesses and celebrities use to talk with their audience. Blogging – I met many interesting people by blogging. It can show that you know what you are talking about and of course blogs are loved by search engines. Youtube – There are millions of people using Youtube to …Read More

Website Design in Towson MD

Effective Website Design + Search Engine Marketing. Your website should reflect the image of your company. It should also build trust and motivate your visitors to contact you. First Impressions are important – It is difficult for your visitor to abandon its first impression of your company. What impression is your website leaving with your potential customers? McKinley Media Group is a Baltimore website design and Search Engine Marketing Company in Maryland. We specialize in …Read More