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June 2010

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)is currency for Google

Clients always ask me, do I have a special relationship with Google or do I pay a fee for listing. The truth of the matter is that nobody has a special relationship with Google. In Google’s eyes every Website has a equal shot at ranking high in the search engine results at no charge. I sometimes refer to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the Wild Wild West, everybody claims to …Read More

Use Twitter to promote your business

Social Media Marketing from McKinley Media Group on Vimeo. Twitter is a great way to  market your business online and build interest about your product or service. Many business owners understand the need to be online, but few know how to use it to market their business. The unique and sometimes frustrating thing about Twitter is that you are limited to using only 140 characters to explain your message. Twitter …Read More

Is Video & Viral Marketing replacing TV?

Will Video & Viral Marketing replace TV? When you think about the amount of time people spend on their computers and smartphone, there is less time to watch TV.’ TV will always have a place in our lives, there is nothing like sitting down to watch a great movie or game. The way people consume media is changing very fast and becoming more and more mobile. Video & Viral Marketing are playing a big part …Read More

Social Media is not going anywhere

Social Media is changing the way people communicate and making the world smaller. Some people think that Social Media is a bad thing but like many things it’s what you make it. I think that everything online is just mimicking real life situations and that is why Facebook and Twitter are so popular. Social Media is just that “social” it brings people together and enhances relationships. You can reconnect with past …Read More