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March 2010

Avatar Your Website

The movie Avatar is only film to gross over 2 billion dollars in the box office. It’s the most successful movie ever made and is visually stunning. I was watching a NBC comedy the other day and one of the characters said he was waiting to read the book before he saw the movie. Avatar is proof that video marketing works and that people prefer watching over reading. The same is …Read More

The new way to communicate is Social Media

You’ve heard of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter; social media is the new way to communicate with customers and grow your business. Many companies find that keeping up with social media can be a daunting task, but at McKinley Media Group, we help you understand and effectively use Social media marketing to grow your business. We will set you up your profiles and create an easy to manage strategy that will …Read More

Social Media has gone Mobile

Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing are fast becoming the way to communicate with your customers. The iPhone and other smart phones have changed the way people use the internet. The Internet has gone mobile and so have your customers. The days of sitting in front of a desktop computer or watching TV are fading fast. Engage your customer anytime, anywhere with Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing. Want to start …Read More

Five Tips for Promoting Your Business On Facebook

1.     Voice matters: People may identify with your brand, but it’s an entirely different thing to communicate with them directly. Doing so adds a personable quality to your business. 2.     Content is king: Businesses gain followers on Twitter and Facebook by having worthwhile, interesting content, so be sure to do some research. 3.     Off-topic is good: Off-topic subjects such as funny headlines can actually be beneficial, as they are more likely to be …Read More