2 Facebook Smart Phones From HTC? This will be interesting

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Rumors about a facebook smartphone have been circling the air for a long time now but recently HTC’s name has been popping up into the conversation. And yet again the phone was certainly denied from coming to the light of stores. Or was it?

Today at the Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled two new smartphones that will feature dedicated Facebook buttons to easily access the popular social-networking site. The HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa (yes, those names are a bit ridiculous) each have a Facebook button on the bottom,when pressed will let you update your status, upload photos, check into places, share news articles, and more.

Also the phone is aware of certain moments that might want to be shard on the big time social network. For example, when you take a photo. For example if you take a picture the light on the Facebook button will glow and if you would like to upload them to your wall, share with friends or an album etc. This feature isn’t only limited to photos but also you can let your online community know what music you’re listening to. While playing music on the ChaCha or the Salsa the button will again light up and ask if you would like to share that information with friends.

I do believe this phone is personally made for those who are highly addicted to facebook but I’m not so huge on this feature. What would happen if I were to get a call? Would the facebook button light up or automatically share who I’m having a conversation with? I would hope not because that in my opinion would be a little much. Plus with all other smartphones with apps for the social media mogul, I once again find little spotlight of interest for this phone since those features excluding the share what you’re listening to are already there within the apps.

All around the phone idea does sound great but also a bit late on its timing, considering the multiple apps out there. I’m guessing its made for those who just share too much information on their page. But with that said please be sure to shed some of your thoughts on this product and what future lies ahead for it.

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