Mckinley Media, is a digital marketing firm based in Baltimore, Maryland that works with prime contractors, local, state and federal agencies.

Leaders In Government Websites & Online Applications

Online Marketing

We develop digital strategies our agencies that increase overall website traffic, engage citizens and raise awareness of  their brands.

Web Applications

We create user-friendly and intuitive applications that integrate with the systems the your citizens use.


We offer practitioner-led group workshops on-site or off-site. All of our lecturers are working experts in their area of digital marketing.


Since 2007 Mckinley Media has been an industry leader in professional website design, strategy, development, and hosting. We offer a broad range of services that have been proven to generate a stronger and more meaningful online presence.

Your website is the best way to communicate information to the citizens you serve. Whether your agency operates at the local, state or federal level a user-friendly and informative website is necessary to keep the citizens you serve knowledgeable. Mckinley Media has the unique ability to work closely with your agency to identify agency-specific objectives to create a solid online presence for you, and most importantly, for the community you serve. 

We adhere to ADA section 508 standards to achieve consistent results across all browser platforms, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari as well as mobile browsers.

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